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I have performed at festivals including Greenman, Latitude, Wilderness & Camp Bestival, (as well as lots of book festivals).  My shows are written for the whole family to enjoy, with lots of interaction, original music & silly jokes.

There are 4 shows listed below but if you are looking for a show tailored to your needs, I'd be happy to discuss possibilities

If you would like to book a show for your festival, theatre or library, please get in contact.


Rabunzel The Musical

Rabunzel The Musical is the story of a long eared rabbit who is locked away in a high hutch and learns how to turn her weakness into a strength. This show is a unique, fun family show which I am currently putting on as a one man (one daughter) show. I recently put it on at Big Penny Social, Walthamstow and Pickled Pepper Books, Crouch End.  

Fairy Tale Musical Mash Up

Based on my Fairy Tales for the Fearless picture books, this is a selection of interactive songs and stories about a disco dancing gorilla (CinderGorilla), cat-walking cats (Snowy White) and a long-eared rabbit, Rabunzel. Featuring fantastic illustrations by Loretta Schauer, you’ll be invited to wave your ears in the air, strut like a cat and boogie on down. 45 minutes duration Suitable for ages 4+ 

Everything & Anything: The Musical

Can a musical really cover everything & anything in the world? Can it do this while making you laugh, cry, clap, click & sing along? Is it possible to compose a brand new song on the spot about a member of the audience? Can a grown man fall in love with a puppet? Everything & Anything The Musical asks all these questions (and even answers some of them) in 45 minutes.


This is a brand new show written to appeal to all the family.

July 2023 at Latitude festival.

Mystery Makers

A one-man (one audience) show Mystery Makers sets the ambitious goal of creating a mystery story live on the spot. No plan. No limits. Some props. You, my audience will help the Fictional Detective write, direct and star in a brand new brilliantly-plotted whodunnit, full of twists, turns, drama, danger and herrings of every colour imaginable. Expect audience participation, an improvised soundtrack, off-the-cuff improvisation, fast rapping, laughter, a couple of admittedly awkward bits, ukulele playing, fun and a big gasp at the end when we discover whodunit.

1 hour

For ages: 6+

Mystery Makers Phone.jpg
Mystery Makers Phone crop.jpg


Scroll The Musical

An ongoing online musical based on tweets. There are now hundreds of songs in a variety of styles on a variety of subjects. From politics, social commentary,  funny stories & lists of the word bat in other languages, most of them a child appropriate. They can be found on twitter or on youtube under the hashtag #ScrollTheMusical. Here are a few.

Movie Musicals

Recently I've been entertaining myself by turning movies into musicals. I don't own the rights to the movies but the songs are mine.

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