Videos & Songs

Mystery Makers – (at Wychwood Festival 2019)

Pet Defenders Theme

They’re Back!
Theme to Thornthwaite Betrayal

We Are The Steampunk Pirates
Theme to The Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates

Dino Boogie
Theme to The Dinosaurs are Having a Party

Constable & Toop – Trailer & Song

Ninja Meerkat Rap
Theme to The Ninja Meerkats Series

Are You The Pirate Captain
Sea shanty to accompany the book

13 is Unlucky For Some
Theme to The Society of Thirteen

The Fictional Detective (for Blue Peter)

Some other things

Trailer for The Thornthwaite Betryal by the pupils of Deer Class Moorlands Primary Academy, Belton (with a little help from their teacher, Mr Biddle).