About Gareth

Gareth was born 30th December, 1973 in Birmingham. The first story he ever wrote was inspired by true events and was about a miscarriage of justice in which a boy called Gareth got told off for talking in class. This did not get published. When he was a bit older he wrote other things that did not get published.

He worked for a bit in TV, helping to make shows such as The Big Breakfast and Richard & Judy. Then one day a nice lady called Sarah kindly agreed to publish something he had written. This was The Dragon Detective Agency. Since then he has written Space Crime Conspiracy The Considine Curse, Perry’s 5, Ninja Meerkats (10 books),The Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates (4 books), The Dinosaurs are Having a Party, Constable & Toop, The Society of Thirteen, No True Echo, Death or Ice Cream? and cult favourite, The Thornthwaite Inheritance. He recently brought out the long-awaited sequel, The Thornthwaite Betrayal (Piccadilly).  His latest series with Stripes is called Pet Defenders and involves pets fighting aliens.

Gareth spends most of his time writing books, visiting schools and performing at festivals. Sometimes he works on TV programmes. When he’s not doing these things he can be found hanging out with his wife Lisa and children, Herbie and Autumn or playing the slightly ludicrous number of stringed instruments in his front room.


Death or Ice Cream? won the YTF Book Award 2017.
The Dragon Detective Agency: The Case of the Missing Cats was shortlisted for the Waterstone’s Book Prize.
The Thornthwaite Inheritance was shortlisted for eleven local book awards and won seven of them.
The Considine Curse was voted Blue Peter Book of the Year 2012.