The Fictional Detective – Blue Peter

I am excited and delighted to announce that Blue Peter have asked me to host this year’s online mystery, kicking off on Thursday 28th February and culminating on Thursday 7th March, World Book Day.

Last year this was hosted by Murder Most Ladylike author, Robin Stevens and involved BP presenter Radzi having his wrestling costume stolen. This year, Lindsey finds herself at the centre of the crime, when the final page of her whodunit book is torn out.

Blue Peter viewers will be able to go to the website to watch interviews with the suspects and uncover clues to solve the mystery.

As well as writing this year’s mystery, I also appear as The Fictional Detective, a fast rapping, scat singing, ukulele-playing detective who has leapt out of Lindsey’s book to solve the case.

It was such an absolute honour to be asked to be involved in this and I had a lot of fun writing and performing it.

I hope you all enjoy playing detective as much as I did.


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