Award winning children’s author/performer Gareth P Jones (Ninja Meerkats, Steampunk Pirates & Death or Ice Cream?) is teaming up with fabulous illustrators (including Garry Parsons, Steve May and Gemma Hastilow) in this brand new, original and unpredictable festival show.

Gareth and his illustrator are trying to write a story, but not just any story. They are trying to write the greatest story ever told. They have a pen and a blank piece of paper but they are all out of ideas. Nothing. Everything he thinks of has either already been done, will never work or is just plain silly.

Then Gareth realises that they have the most valuable resource at his fingertips: an audience of brilliantly talented and very interesting children. The audience will help Gareth get over writer’s block and come up with all the ingredients for his story. They’ll help create with main characters, minor characters, plots, subplots, structure, dialogue, twists and a thrilling ending for THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD.

With live music, high-octane story-telling and live drawing, each show is a unique experience.


To book this show for your literary festival, please email:

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