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My series in which ordinary household pets fight extraordinary extraterrestrials (brillustrated by Steve May) now has 5 books.






Cheese from Dimension Pong is the latest book in the series and sees Biskit and Mitzy tackling trans-dimensional alien cheese so stinky that anyone who inhales its aroma is instantly knocked into a cheese-coma.

But there are even bigger scarier things around the corner. This isn’t going to be a bries, so grab a copy now if you camembert it.

This Autumn sees the publication of the sixth book, so why not order all the books now so you’re ready to deal with the Invasion of the Giant Nits. Order from your local bookshop or buy a signed copy here.

Check out the tune here:


If you prefer your books a little richer and darker then why not try one of these sinister titles, available from all discerning bookshops or online here.






(Illustrated by Garry Parsons)

    Are You The Pirate Captain?                           The Dinosaurs are Having a Party