Welcome to the world of award winning author, festival performer & musician Gareth P. Jones (that’s me)… It’s a world of Ninja Meerkats, Steampunk Pirates, dragon detectives, murderous twins, dark family secrets, bureaucratic ghosts, Victorian illusionists, dinosaur parties, time travel mysteries, silly songs, funky ukuleles, sinister accordions, alien-fighting pets, daily jokes… DEATH OR ICE CREAM?

As a school visiting author, I work hard to remind primary children of all ages that reading and writing is FUN! I have workshops on idea generation idea, plotting, editing and every aspect of the writing process. Please get in contact about rates and availability.

As a previous winner of the Blue Peter Book of the Year, I was asked to write and present this year’s online mystery. Click on the picture to find out more and to play detective along with me.



The Daily Joker contains a joke for every day of the year, alongside weekly joke challenges and hilarious illustrations from Beano legend Nigel Parkinson. There are famous birthdays, ‘on this day’ funnies and space for young readers to write their own jokes. It cost £4.99 and I really hope you manage to get a copy and enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it.



Following the international success of Ninja Meerkats (10 books) and The Adventures of the Steampunk Pirates (4 books), my most recent series (brillustrated by Steve May & published by Stripes) sees ordinary household pets fight extraordinary extraterrestrials. Biskit is a dog. Mitzy is a c at. Follow their adventures in this funny & exciting series.

You can buy all 6 books here.



If you prefer your books a little richer and darker then why not try one of these sinister titles, available from all discerning bookshops or online here.






(Illustrated by Garry Parsons)

    Are You The Pirate Captain?                           The Dinosaurs are Having a Party