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Pet Defenders: Beards from Outer Space

The second in a new series about a secret organisation of pets dedicated to keeping Earth safe from alien invasion. This time, Biskit and Mitzy come face to hairy face with the Beard King, an evil villain intent on taking control of our planet and our chins.

The first book, Attack of the Alien Dung is out now, with a third (Escape from Planet Bogey) on its way later this year. The are all illustrated by illustrious illustrator extraordinaire, Steve May.

Check out the tune here:


The Thornthwaite Betrayal (Piccadilly Books) has been nominated for Crimefest’s BEST CRIME NOVEL FOR CHILDREN (AGES 8–12).

After a lifetime of mutual mistrust and devilish plots to take each other’s lives, orphaned twins Ovid and Lorelli Thornthwaite have finally called an end to their ongoing civil war. An uncomfortable peace has fallen over their home. They are trying to live normal lives, going to school, making friends, not plotting each other’s demise – that kind of thing. Then long lost Uncle Harry comes to stay and danger returns to Thornthwaite Manor. A chandelier falls while they are under it … a fire starts in Lorelli’s room… nowhere is safe. Who could be behind the attacks? Uncle Harry? His French Chef, Beaufort Nouveau? Tom the gardener? Nurse Griddle? Hazel? Or perhaps Ovid is finding it hard to kick his old habits? As fresh mysteries emerge from within the grounds of the Thornthwaite estate, no one is above suspicion because everyone has a secret in this much anticipated sequel to The Thornthwaite Inheritance.

Watch the trailer here:

Death or Ice Cream has been nominated for the Leeds Book Award (11-14), the Staffordshire Young Teen Fiction Award and the Worcestershire Teen Book Award.


Are You The Pirate Captain?
Gareth P Jones & Garry Parsons

Before we can depart
A buccaneer
Who will strike fear
Into every sailor’s heart.

Gareth and Garry’s second picture book is now out in paperback. It tackles the important issue of recruitment of upper management position, as a new a pirate captain must be found following the disappearance of the previous one, following an unfortunate squid-related incident.