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Abbot’s Hill

Dear pupils of Abbot’s Hill,

Thank you for your lovely letters following my visit to your school. Special thanks to Emily and June (yes, I hope I get to visit again too), Tara (good luck with your time travel story), Avia (“Jeff!”), Jemima (good luck with your piano playing), Amela (remember, when you become an author I expect a signed book, although I will pay for it), Maia (I loved your picture of The Thornthwaite Inheritance cover), Francesca & Grace (Remember, “Make Mstakes Boldly”), Naitra (I hope I’ve spelt your name correctly. I loved your letter), Mia (I know when you are older you will be able to inspire children. Thanks for saying I inspired you), Elsa (good luck to your mum with her book), Molly (I will try not to worry about you killing anyone), Matilda (Your story idea about a one-armed girl sounds awesome – and to your brothers NINJA BOOM!), Megan (I hope you enjoyed The Considine Curse). Eva (Ah-OOoooOO), Olivia (Thanks for your letter on such groovy paper), another Amelia (I hope you have read and enjoyed both books now), Olivia (don’t get too distracted), Adrienne Storey (is your surname really Story or did I misread it? Good author name), Hope (Your letter is so lovely that I will have to keep it above my writing desk to remind me to believe in myself and never give up), Georgina (I know some fantastic authors who are dyslexic. Maybe you will be one of them one day), Heidi (good luck with your piano playing), Emily (I really liked how your letter was written), Ella (I like the sound of your story, The Frozen Forest), Freya (I imagine by now you have written even more books, good luck with all of them), Issy (yes, keep trying with your stories, that is what I do), Cordelia (your letter made me smile), Alexandra (Let’s both never give up), Eva (thanks for writing such kind words), Finny (What an amazing illustration!) and finally Imogen (yes, let’s both make boring bits of our lives hilarious).

Wow. That was a long sentence! I hope I didn’t miss anyone out. Thanks again for taking the time to write all your wonderful letters. I loved visiting your school. Have a great summer and remember to keep writing and keep reading!

All my best,


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