To mark the publication of a brand new book of original jokes (co-written by me and Rachel Delahaye), I’ve written a new event that promises to put its funny where its mouth is.

The Daily Joker (published September, Piccadilly Press, £4.99) has a rib-tickling joke for every day of the year, along with weekly joke challenges guaranteed to turn you into the class clown.

You’ll discover why the chicken crossed the road, who is knocking at the door, why some doctors have no patience and precisely why cannibals don’t eat clowns.

The book is essential reading for children looking to have their FUNNIEST YEAR EVER! and this event is perfect for a half term bookshop event, festival show or school workshop.

So stand-up and be counted as you join me for an hour of Laugh Out Loud japes, groan-worthy gags, funny songs, top tips and silly games that will have you rolling on the floor.

The show is already due to go ahead at Chiswick Book Festival and the Wigtown Book Festival. So please contact me on to book a date to book now.

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